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I am Legend-

- Responsibility for Self does not come with instructions or sometimes not even taught as our first education. Often, responsibiity is a value learned via experience. With responsibility we learn how to "self-manage" our lives and the people and things allowed in it.  These decisions are not always beneficial, often, they are catastophic to our core.  Do not be fooled however, sometimes the ground must be cleared completely in order for new things to build.  Holding on to an unhealthy program running in the mind only keeps one in the same position. It is difficult and painful to face the reality of our situations.  It is only when we do this, that we, ourselves, empower us to choose.  Choice is the last of the human freedoms.  We can either actively choose our life knowing all factors can not be controlled, however, the ones that can, we do; or we could by default allow life's circumstances and situations control us.  Either way, life goes on.  Either way, life continues.  Either way, we knew, and we chose not to act.

-If I do not stand and advocate for self, for my community or for my brother, then it is the same as siding with the opposition.  At my darkest hour, the silence of friends pierced me more than the argument of my enemies.  be aware of those who poised themselves with you when times are good.  The true measure of anyone is where they stand in comfort and controversy. holla-


- in every acorn beats the heart of a mighty oak tree -  learn to see the potential to be, not just the physical of what it is now -

- I am human; we all have the innate ability to do better. never take someone else's opinion of you as your opinion of yourself -


History of da Public Service-

Swampstars began in obsurity:  a long shot, an underdog, and the last of a dying breed.  The reserve of all principles adorned by the words of my Father, nourished by the the example of many, and given range to do, be and have are the basis for my evolution.

There are assests each of us possess that facilitate whether we will stumble and fall and get up, or stumble and fall and remain on our knees.  Imagination, the creation of the will and the ability to free the mind even if the body is in any form imprisioned, gives much latitude to conceive the knowledge that self-work, soul-work, staying the course, belief in the innate nature to rise above all circumstances and the solice of knowing with all certainty, weeping may endure through the night, but dawn approaches and there in lies our joy and redemption...Swampstars wait at the horizon...


Country Grammer:  Growing up in da durty souf in the great state of Louisiana, I was priviledged to learn the true meaning of "reap what you sow".  Farmers know when to plant and when to harvest, they know what to put in the ground, when the ground is ready and what will grow in the crop. It is planting season in da durty souf. Before one can plant, the ground must be tilled. Turning over the soil allows us to remove from it things that have the potential to prevent, taint and most assuradly keep us growing the same unhealthy crop which hold us to hurt, shame, regret, anger and stagnant.The field must be plowed. the field, requires work, toil and determined labor in it for we will either learn to plant when time or starve without it. Planting, yields great dividends in harvest time. Lay the seeds of prosperity, faith, love, work, patience, forgiveness and hope. Trust that these seeds are doing everything possibe to grow and stretch in the well nourished soil protected by Mother herself, guided instinctually toward the sun, an because of our faith, our humility, our humbleness and our diligence, the seeds of goodness that were planted, harvesting comes soon.

Just Believe-


We Don't Follow; Swampstars lead the way -

 - There is much to discuss and much time to do so.  Swampstars always approach with caution.

 - never confuse the nature of your origins with the prospects of your future...be above da influence, define your own life - da rebels

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